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As the Emilteks family, we are a manufacturer company with a wide production rate of towels, bathrobes, hotel towels, peshtemals (Foutas), and beach clothes. Our company operates it's workshops in a 3000 m² closed area with 600 tons/year production capacity. We can fulfill rapidly changing customer expectations about quality and variety. We produce technology oriented, human and nature friendly. We are using reliable production methods and tools. We deliver Emillie and Dila havlu quality to all over the world. Our quote is winning the hearths before earning money and looking forward to create long term partnership.
Benuzza International Trade Company was found in 2008 to export its products with the principles of best service, best quality and best price in various sectors especially the textile sector in this global World. Our company named Benuzza which was found to plies a long-termed trade with our valuable trade partners, to be able to transport our products to all over the World and to facilitate our trade partners’ work is now exporting to the countries of Middle East, Africa and Europe. Moreover, our company does market search for the products in textile, food, construction and furniture industry with our best price and best quality principles and then presents them to our partners in accordance with their requests.
BDZ Ithalat Ihracat Paz. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti is a manufacturer and exporter of Turkish towels and blankets. Our production and warehouse is in Denizli whereas our sales office is located in Izmir. We only use Turkish cotton and give utmost importance to consistently manufacturing high quality products. Our products are woven with traditional methods. Tassels / fringes are made by women living nearby houses. Therefore, same products have slight differences as they are made in different hands every time. We offer our customers a wide range of hand loomed peshtemals, towels and blankets with different color, material and packaging options. Besides our own collections, we help our customers with their private designs and embroideries. We serve to end consumers via our online retail store while we are working with wholesalers, retailers, boutique stores, hotels, gyms, spa, sauna, pilates and yoga centers worldwide. Our main export markets are Australia, USA and Europe. Focusing on customer satisfaction, we guarantee highest quality and competitive prices with great customer service. We wish you a wonderful experience!
COTTON-Y LIFE is coming into your lifes to serve a soft touch of cotton.Cotton is changing form to enter your lifes and this is our starting story. Start with touching and sofness & going on usage and convenience & ending with happiness and smiling face. We use natural fibers like bamboo & viscone & silk etc. And combine them with the cotton to have different tocuhes and usage.  CYL TEXTILE( COTTON-Y LIFE ) is working as a textile marketing company on the below branches ; Towels &bathrobes (from embellished ones to the yarn dyed jacquard qualities and including the different yarn qaulities) Traditional Fabric Towels &Bathrobes Knitted Fabric Homewear from Knitted fabric Cotton mixture woven fabric for Outwear products The clients that we are working for ; Coin Spa Oviesse Upim stores Textilina Canat We are working with 5 (5star) hotels and promotion companies for their supplies in Turkey. STRENGTHS Design Capability High & Consistent Quality Short lead times (4-6 weeks) On time shipments Production minimums Stock opportunities Capability of handling various styles Competative pricing by 2 ways ;one is that our business volume is high as total in the producers .Second way is we handle the productin steps by ourselves.
We are privately owned textile sourcing, manufacturing and quality assurance company, established in 2011, Istanbul /Turkey. Silk and Cotton Co is founded by a dynamic team of textile experts with years of experience in designing-producing and exporting home & hotel textile and clothing to world wide customers. Our main goal is to provide our customers highest level of quality and service at their convenience. Therefore we’re all involved with every step of production process, quality control and inspection throughout the manufacturing process and finally inspection. With years of experience in textile market, we have the well awareness of respecting to our planet by using all-natural materials. Besides being eco-friendly and having high quality, our products offers you also the unique experience of handcrafted art and fashion. We provide quality, comfort, fashion and luxury not only with our own designs, also with special production.
Afil Collection, which is a specialist Textile brand, produces Cotton Pestemal, Trow, Jacquard pique, Buldan Cloth, and produces authentic authentic men's, women's and children's clothes, and tries to renew itself continuously in line with the demands of the day. It has been exporting and wholesale to all over the world by marketing its products domestically and internationally. Our company, which produces wholesale peshtemal ,turkish towel and wholesale authentic clothing, protects its products and new models in production with its Design and Registration Certificate. Our company, which has adopted a rigorous study as a principle by considering the demands from consumers, is open to all kinds of criticism. Our specialist textile and Afil Collection are registered trademarks.
In order to address changing needs, special demands of our customers and different tastes, we provide “Special Production” service. In addition to our products, we make custom designs, sizes and details according to your demands. Qattan providing services that adds special innovation and added value to the demand on the project basis weaves its original designs on contracted looms. Yarns used in the production with Qattan are specially selected for the targeted products and the yarns used are dyed in dyeing houses with Ekotex certificate and processed on Qattan's experienced machines. All intermediates and raw materials used have international Ekotex certificates and are presented to customers upon request. Products with quality controls are shipped according to customer demand. Barcoding, labeling and packaging solutions of customers' own brands are also provided by Qattan. Qattan's ultimate goal, which keeps the price-performance balance of all products high in favor of the consumer is to provide the best quality and service to the end user.